How Do I Know If My Tenant Has Enrolled?

We will notify you via email when we receive your tenant’s enrollment materials, which consist of a completed Tenant Enrollment Agreement and the tenant’s bank documentation.  That message will tell you either the materials are incomplete and the reason why they are incomplete or the materials are complete and the next steps for you to finalize the tenant’s enrollment.  Quick and concise communication is very important to us, so you will receive email notifications just about every step of the way!  If enrollment materials are complete, you will be instructed to log in to your ClearNow account and set the tenant’s rent amount and lease end date.  When you have completed this final step, an enrollment confirmation will be sent to your tenant.

Can I Enroll in ClearNow Without My Landlord?

For you to enroll in ClearNow, your landlord has to first enroll and set up a ClearNow account.  Because ClearNow is an efficient way for tenants to pay rent electronically (and for landlords to collect rent electronically), both the landlord and tenant have to be enrolled.  If you have not talked to your landlord about ClearNow, please have him/her visit or call us at (919) 680-4500 so we can answer questions.  Once your landlord has enrolled, then you can enroll in ClearNow.

Can I Enroll in ClearNow Over the Telephone?

The short answer is “no”.  Since you have to complete our one-page authorization agreement online and submit it with your bank documentation, we cannot enroll you over the telephone.  One of the easiest ways to access our agreement is at our site,  Click on the “Enroll” tab, and follow the prompts depending on if you are a landlord/property manager or a tenant.  It is a simple and fast online process.

If you have any questions, please call us at (919) 680-4500 or email us at

When I Enroll, Are You Automatically Reporting My Payments to the Credit Bureau?

No, we cannot furnish your ClearNow rent payment data until you provide your consent. After you are enrolled in ClearNow, there is an additional step that you must take to sign up for credit reporting.  Once you have four (4) payment periods of complete data, your ClearNow rent payment data will be reported to Experian. Thereafter, your data is submitted on a monthly basis.

Can I submit a deposit slip instead of a voided check?

Many times, a deposit slip does not contain the correct routing number we need.  We prefer to receive a voided check over a deposit slip because checks contain the correct information for your ClearNow enrollment.  If you do not have a voided check, then you may submit a bank statement that contains your name and complete account number.  Please be sure to include your routing number on your enrollment agreement.

My tenant has signed a new lease. Do I have to submit new enrollment materials?

ClearNow is committed to making rent collection as easy as possible for landlords and tenants.  So if you have a tenant who is already enrolled in ClearNow and has signed a new lease, they do not have to submit new enrollment materials. When a new lease is signed, simply log in to your ClearNow account, select “Manage Rents”, update the lease end date, and click “Save”.


Does a tenant have to log in to pay rent each month?

No.  ClearNow is all about making the rent process as easy as possible, and it does not get any easier than an automatic rent payment.  Once a tenant and a landlord enroll in ClearNow, the rent process occurs automatically every payment period:  the tenant’s bank account is debited the amount of rent due, and the landlord receives funds three banking days later.  The tenant just has to remember to have sufficient funds in his/her bank account a few days in advance of the debit day.  That’s it.

Even though ClearNow is often referred to as an “online rent payment” service, tenants who are not comfortable using a computer or the Internet can still use ClearNow.

Can I Enroll in ClearNow if I don’t have checks?

Yes.  If you do not have a voided check to provide, then we can accept a bank statement or a bank letter.  Your bank statement has to have your name and complete account number preprinted.  Your bank letter has to be typed on your bank’s stationary and confirm your name, routing number, account number, and type of account (checking or savings).

You may submit your bank documentation to us with your completed enrollment agreement via email at