What Kind of Reports Does ClearNow Provide?

ClearNow not only makes it easy for landlords to collect rent from their tenants, but we also provide a simple way to organize that payment data. Just one of the many reports you can run through your ClearNow account is the “Report by Date.”  This report lists your tenants’ names, property addresses, rent amounts, and their payment status for each payment period. Another useful report is the “Lease-End Tracking Report” which can be very important as it lets you know when each of your tenants’ lease end date expires in ClearNow. This date is important because once it expires, the tenants’ debits via ClearNow will stop. ClearNow also provides Reports by Person and Address, a Profit and Loss Report, and a Schedule E Helper Report to help you at tax time.  So enroll in ClearNow and take advantage of just a few of our many useful tools for online rent payments!