Can my Tenant Enroll if They Don’t Have Checks?

Absolutely! Your tenant can still enroll in ClearNow even if they do not have checks. We accept other bank documents for enrollment such as their bank statement, a direct deposit authorization form for payroll as provided by their bank, or a bank letter typed on bank letterhead that confirms your tenant’s name and full account number.

After your tenant completes the online enrollment agreement, they’ll receive an email entitled “One More Step”, which will contain a link asking your tenant to upload their bank documentation directly to ClearNow. This security measure further simplifies our enrollment process and eliminates the need to attach a separate file in an email.

Additional ClearNow Accounts: What You Need to Know

You may want an additional ClearNow account if you need a different debit day to accommodate a tenant’s request, or if you need to deposit to a different bank account than what we currently have on file. The best way to notify us is via your ClearNow account. After you’ve logged in, from the left-hand menu select “My Info” and then “Set up Addl Acct”. There are two links, and you may use the same bank account we have on file or you may choose to deposit to a different bank account. Be sure to include what debit day you want your additional account to debit on in the box that pops up. Monthly options are the 1st, 5th, 15th, or 25th and the fee is only $7.95, which includes the debit of one tenant (additional tenant debits are $2 each, per month).

If you want to deposit to a different bank account, please be sure to complete the agreement online. Once you submit the agreement, you’ll receive an email asking you to upload your bank documentation. We can accept a voided check, bank statement, or a letter from your bank on bank letterhead.