COVID – 19 Important Update

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, we want to assure you ClearNow remains open and operational for all of your online rent payment needs. Our esign enrollment process is a safe and contact free way to enroll your new tenants online, with no paper to print or signatures to gather.

Our Customer Service is available, and we are best reached via email at: We are monitoring our business phone and listening to voicemails but encourage you that the best way to reach us is through email. You can continue to access your ClearNow accounts as normal by logging in and managing tenants as needed.

We have useful blog posts that explain many questions we regularly receive such as how to block an upcoming debit, how to update your bank account information, or what bank documents can be submitted for new enrollments. You can also visit our FAQ section of our website for answers to your questions.

Thank you for your patience as we do our best to offer uninterrupted service and keep our employees safe during this public health crisis.

What is a “Block” and How to Block an Upcoming Debit

If you know ahead of time that you will not have the necessary funds in your bank account on your scheduled debit day, you have the option to do a block. A block is a one-time request to not debit your account for that payment period. Your bank account will not be debited, and you will need to make arrangements to pay your landlord directly for that payment period. Your online rent payments will automatically resume for the next payment period. The deadline to request a block is always one banking day prior to the debit day before 12:00pm (noon) ET. Both you and your landlord may request the block or either of you can log into your respective ClearNow accounts and block the debit yourselves.

Blocking a debit is a proactive way to avoid possible late fees or bank fees. ClearNow service fees are also not charged for a blocked debit.

Can you Explain Your Credit Reporting Feature?

Tenants who wish to build a credit history with their ClearNow rent payment data may opt in to our free credit reporting feature after they are enrolled in our online rent payment service.

ClearNow rent payment data will be furnished to Experian once your tenant has four (4) payment periods of data. Subsequent data is furnished on a monthly basis. We can only furnish rent payment data made while a tenant is enrolled in ClearNow.

Why Building Your Credit History is Important

Credit plays an important role in your life — affecting the purchases you make and much more. A credit history is vital in today’s economy and enables you to obtain valuable credit services such as credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans. Lenders use online credit reports and credit scores to gauge the likelihood that you will pay back a loan.

How Paying Rent on Time Helps Build Your Credit History

Experian incorporates on-time rental payment data into their credit reports. Rental payment information will be included as part of a standard credit report and may be incorporated into certain credit scores. The inclusion of positive rental payment data in Experian credit reports allows your tenant to build credit history through timely rental payments.