4 Ways That Using ClearNow Can Help Landlords and Tenants

Managing rental property is harder than many people realize when they first start leasing their properties. Besides the challenges that come with maintaining the property, collecting rent can become a real time sink. Collecting rent from tenants and depositing it into bank accounts becomes more laborious the more properties or units you manage. ClearNow has tools that can make these processes more manageable. Here are four ways that ClearNow can help landlords and tenants

Setup a Payment Portal for Collecting Rent Online

Getting rent payment from a tenant can be surprisingly problematic. When people pay by check, some checks will get lost in the mail, which slows down payment receipt. You have to wait for the tenant to send a new payment or travel to pick up the rent in person. ClearNow makes it easier for tenants to pay rent online. With ClearNow, you get the service you need without having to run your own secure website for financial transactions. ClearNow has provided online rent payment since 2000 while maintaining a perfect BBB rating. Our system works for any property, whether you have one rental unit or a hundred thousand.

Provide Customer Service

Using ClearNow for collecting rent also provides additional benefits. For example, landlords have access to tenant screening that will help them find good tenants and fill vacancies. Additionally, many online rent payment services do not have phone support. It’s good practice to offer some technical support for tenants who may not be comfortable with computers or the internet. With ClearNow, tenants can call with questions Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm ET. If your tenants are having trouble setting up their account or have other issues, we’re here to help.

Ensure Landlords Get Paid on Time

For many property owners, it’s essential they get their rent payments promptly. Landlords may rely on rent to pay expenses related to property management. When you use ClearNow, rent is always directly deposited three banking days after the debit day. Each ClearNow account debits on a specific day and credits to a specific bank account. ClearNow fees are based on your debit day and are only charged when you attempt to debit a tenant. This way, property owners who only need a single monthly deposit pay less than larger management companies that need debits more often.

Improve the Credit Score of Your Tenants

Getting tenants to switch to online payments is easy with the intrinsic benefits of using ClearNow. When using ClearNow to pay rent, tenants can build their credit history by paying their bills. Tenants can establish credit history by having ClearNow furnish data to Experian RentBureau. The rental data from Experian is updated every 24 hours, so every on-time payment helps your tenant. As Experian explains, “This quick turnaround and robust data impacts every point of decision making – from identifying higher-quality residents and improving bad-debt recovery to streamlining the collections process.”

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using ClearNow for online rent payment. If you want to spend less time collecting and processing rent, while providing excellent features to your tenant, start using ClearNow today.