How Long Does It Take To Get Started With ClearNow?

To enroll in ClearNow, both the landlord/property manager and their tenants must complete and submit their individual enrollment agreements and bank documentation to The landlord/property manager’s account must be set up before we can enroll their tenants. We must receive complete tenant enrollment materials at least 10 days before their first debit day. This ensures we have adequate time to notify new tenants of the date of their first debit and the amount they will be debited. Both landlords and tenants will receive prompt email notification regarding the status of their enrollment materials.

Will You Send A Rent Receipt To My Tenants As Proof Of Payment?

For those tenants with an email address on file with ClearNow, they will receive a rent receipt.  ClearNow tries to provide as much communication as possible to landlords and tenants so that all parties are aware of each debit and any activity that may follow.  Tenants also receive a rent reminder email before every upcoming debit to let them know the date and the amount of the next debit.