Superior Solution to Mobile Check Deposit for Rent Payment

Mobile Check Deposit Rent Payment
Online rent payment is superior to mobile check deposit.

One of the conveniences of the smartphone revolution has been the introduction of “mobile check deposit“. With the help of an app, you can photograph a check for deposit while never leaving your home. For landlords and property managers, mobile check deposit for rent payment is an improvement over driving to the bank or ATM. It is convenient, but there are drawbacks making it not the best way for landlords to receive rent payment.

Downsides of Mobile Check Deposit

  1. Mobile deposit still relies on a paper check. Mailed checks take time to receive. In some cases, they get lost.
  2. Because mobile deposit is check-based, most banks put a hold on accessing funds until funds clear. In some cases, the first $200 may be available the next day, however, the delay can be much longer on larger amounts.
  3. Mobile check deposit for rent payment can still bounce. If the tenant does not have enough funds by the time you deposit the check, you will likely be charged an insufficient funds fee.

Online Rent Payment is the Superior Solution

Online rent payment eliminates paper. Rent payment is electronically withdrawn from the tenant’s bank account and then directly deposited to the landlord’s bank account. The beauty of online rent payment is that checks cannot get lost or delayed. Even if the landlord is on vacation, the deposit will still happen.

One of the oldest and most trusted online rent payment services is ClearNow. With ClearNow, landlords save time and collect rent faster. Rent is directly deposited three business days after the debit day. A landlord can enroll with ClearNow at