ClearNow Reviews

ClearNow reviews
Reading positive and negative reviews help us make decisions.

ClearNow is an online rent payment service that enables landlords to collect rent payments from their tenants electronically. By “electronically,” ClearNow processes ACH payments. Tenant bank accounts are debited the amount of rent due. Three banking days later, rent is directly deposited to the landlord’s bank account net of ClearNow fees. The service offers several benefits for landlords and tenants, including convenience and reliability.

ClearNow has been serving landlords and tenants since 2000. In addition to the number of years in business, another way to evaluate the effectiveness of a business is to read reviews from its users. You can find ClearNow reviews online and from various platforms, such as Yelp and

The majority of ClearNow reviews are positive, with many users praising the convenience and reliability of the service. One reviewer on Yelp writes, “Used for years.  Solid online rent payment with great telephone customer support.  Once you use this, you won’t go back to collecting a check through the mail.” is a resource for smaller landlords. Their Q&A forum is very active and contains discussions among landlords on a variety of subjects. If you search for “ClearNow” on the forum, you will find various ClearNow reviews. For example, one landlord comments “I prefer ClearNow. Yeah have tried several of the online property management software systems. They all seemed to be more geared towards the big guys and were too complex for me. I wanted something to be simple for collecting rents online and tracking expenses. ClearNow does both and I love it.”

Some reviewers mention ClearNow fees can be higher than other payment methods. However, many users feel that the convenience, customer support, and reliability are worth it. Another MrLandlord reviewer states, “I’ve used ClearNow for over 15 years now. Best decision ever. And there has never been a price increase.”