Start the New Year with ClearNow Online Rent Payment

Start the new year without checks. Pay and collect rent electronically!

A new year means a fresh start! Landlords and tenants can begin 2024 with ClearNow online rent payment to make their lives easier.

Online Rent Payment Benefits

The benefits of collecting and paying rent online for landlords and tenants are plentiful. To start, there are no checks to write or collect. And without checks, landlords don’t have to deal with deposits, which are another time consuming activity. Even with mobile deposit, you need to sign the back, take pictures, wait, etc..

And with more than 20 years in the business, ClearNow can list additional benefits:

  • Tenants of all ages love paying rent electronically. Some have expressed that they no longer receive checks when they open a bank account! Others love the convenience of remembering one thing . . . to have sufficient funds in the account. That’s it!
  • Better record keeping! Services like ClearNow allow you to see any historical payment activity in a report by time or address.
  • Faster access to funds – Rent is deposited three banking days after the debit day. And during this time, ClearNow will let you know if the debit fails and the reason. Most cases of failed debits are due to insufficient funds.

It is Easy to Get Started

ClearNow is a service that has helped landlords and tenants with online rent payment for more than twenty years. It is easy to enroll online. Visit and get started on a positive change for the New Year!