Cozy Ends Rent Reporting to Experian. ClearNow allows Rent Reporting to Experian.

Cozy recently announced that renters who use its online rent payment service will no longer be able to report their rent payments to Experian.

At ClearNow, we’re puzzled why any online rent payment service would end something so beneficial; so many tenants are looking to build credit history. We’ve long believed in the power of rent to build credit history. In 2011, ClearNow was the first online rent payment service to allow renters to report payments to Experian. Unlike Cozy, we have no plans to ever stop offering this valuable service.

For tenants who are interested in reporting their rent payments to a big 3 credit bureau, ask your landlord to sign up for online rent payment with ClearNow at Your rent payments should help you build your credit history.