The Purpose of Resident Screening

(The following is a guest post from RentometerRentometer is the fastest, easiest way to compare rents anywhere in the U.S.)

As a landlord, there are 3 primary reasons why you should screen your potential resident:

  1. To Protect Your Profitability – You want to rent your apartments to renters that will pay the rent on time and for the full lease term.
  2. To Protect Your Property – You want to rent to responsible individuals that will take care of their apartment and respect your property.
  3. To Protect Your Other Residents & Neighbors – You never want to put any of your residents in harms way.

Overall resident screening helps to assess your prospective renter’s willingness to pay the rent: do they have the appropriate income to pay the rent, do they have a track record of paying rent, and do they have a track record of paying their other bills?

It’s a great opportunity as well to assess their criminal background.   Do they have a serious criminal offense or a history of previous criminal offenses?

One thing to consider about criminal background checks, there are restrictions and requirements to access and use criminal data records. These records can change depending on which state you are using a criminal background check in.

A few of the folks at Rentometer were in the Resident Screening Business for 20 years before becoming rent comparisons experts!

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