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Online Rent Collection Saves Time

Whether you are a landlord, property management company, or tenant, using ClearNow to collect and pay rent online saves time and eliminates headaches. A "win win" for everyone.

ClearNow makes rent collection really easy.

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Prior to ClearNow, landlords and property managers who wanted to collect rent electronically were confronted with either the complexities of the ACH payment network (cryptic software, file formats, and return files) or the high expense of credit cards (a 2% to 3% interchange fee on every transaction) (e.g. $20 to $30 on a $1,000 monthly rent).

ClearNow has since made online rent collection easy and affordable for landlords and property managers of all sizes. Since 2000, ClearNow has provided its sophisticated yet easy-to-use service with a strict attention to detail and prompt customer support. Landlords find ClearNow to be the easiest way to collect rent while tenants find ClearNow to be the easiest way to pay rent.

ClearNow is headquartered in Durham, NC and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

ClearNow, Inc.

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ClearNow, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Property Management Company in Durham, NC

02/12/2019 Tenant E-Signatures for Faster and Easier Tenant Enrollments

01/02/2018 Free Tenant Screening for ClearNow Landlords

05/04/2016 - Free and Easy Rental Income & Expense Tracking

09/02/2015 ClearNow Introduces Simplified, Mobile-Friendly Online Accounts

03/08/2015 LA Times Article: Tenants benefit when rent payment data are factored into credit scores

11/18/2014 ClearNow Tracks Income and Expenses: Completing Schedule E is Now a Breeze

12/03/2013 ClearNow Introduces An Easier Way to Manage Tenant Information and Enrollments

08/22/2013 ClearNow Introduces Search - A Fast and Easy Way to Find Information

05/17/2012 Kiplinger's Article: Paying Rent On Time May Improve Your Credit

05/16/2012 Experian Now Accepts ClearNow Rent Payment Data

02/22/2011 ClearNow introduces biweekly debits

12/21/2010 Property Managers Can Now Directly Deposit Rent To Owner Bank Accounts

12/17/2010 ClearNow to Email Payment Receipts

12/10/2010 CSV Data Download Available with ClearNow's Online Rent Payment Service

04/23/2010 ClearNow Enables Sorting Capability For Payment Report

04/14/2010 ClearNow Now Available for Seller Financing Payments, Condo Fees, and HOA Dues

02/04/2010 Landlords Can Use ClearNow to Collect Rent Online from Prepaid Cards

12/16/2009 ClearNow Enhances Reporting Capabilities

07/30/2009 ClearNow Introduces Online Enrollment Process

03/25/2009 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine article: The Check Is On The Internet - Payment Tipping Point

06/11/2007 ClearNow Reports Payments to Credit Bureaus

12/30/2005 ClearNow Improves Reporting Capability

06/14/2004 Landlords Nationwide Using ClearNow

10/23/2003 Electronic Rent Collection: The Growing Use of ACH Payments

08/07/2003 ClearNow Adds New Report and Debit Days

03/26/2003 Rental Property Trend: No More Paper Checks!

01/13/2003 A Landlord's Best Friend: ClearNow Direct Rent Deposits

11/21/2002 ClearNow Enhances Service with Additional Features

05/03/2002 ClearNow to Exhibit at Mr. Landlord 2002 National Convention

04/25/2002 Rent Collection via ClearNow is More Cost Effective Than Credit Cards for Rental Property Owners

01/29/2002 ClearNow, Inc. and Form a Strategic Alliance to Provide Direct Rent Deposits for Rental Property Owners

12/18/2001 Joslin Realty signs on with ClearNow

08/27/2001 Rental Properties can Collect Rent Automatically from Residents with ClearNow

08/21/2001 Automatic Rent Collection Through the ACH Payment Network