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Collect Seller Financing
Mortgage Payments Online

You have a choice when collecting mortgage payments:

  • You can wait for a check in the mail, make a trip to the bank to deposit it, and wait for the funds to clear, OR
  • You can use ClearNow.

With ClearNow, you will save time, eliminate headaches, and get paid. Buyers enjoy the convenience and reliability that their payment to you is made on time.

  • Don't wait for checks in the mail or make trips to the bank
  • Your deposit is always three banking days after the debit day
  • Collect biweekly ($4/debit), semimonthly, or monthly - Make it convenient

To Enroll, Select the Appropriate Form:

Biweekly and semimonthly debits are just $4/debit.

Monthly debits start at $14.95/month, which includes the debit of one buyer. Each additional debit is just $2/month.

There are NO set-up fees or long-term contracts. Fees are only charged when you attempt to debit a buyer.

ClearNow, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Property Management Company in Durham, NC