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ClearNow, Inc. and MrLandlord.com Form a Strategic Alliance to Provide Direct Rent Deposits for Rental Property Owners

Durham, NC, January 29, 2002 - ClearNow, Inc. and MrLandlord.com have formed a strategic alliance to provide direct rent deposits for rental property owners. As the pioneer in easy-to-administer Web-based Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment solutions for the rental housing market, ClearNow has begun to provide access to its automatic rent collection service via MrLandlord.com. MrLandlord.com is the premier resource site for rental property owners.

According to Justin Yung, Vice President of ClearNow, Inc., "Our partnership with MrLandlord.com is an effective channel for us to reach more landlords. MrLandlord.com is the most widely read resource for landlords. As of January 2002, MrLandlord.com attracts 55,000 to 60,000 unique visitors per month. We want to ensure that landlords know they can make their lives easier with our service. For over 16 years, Jeffrey Taylor has been instrumental in providing landlords with access to and informing them of effective tips and tools for rental property management. Our alliance enables MrLandlord.com to continue to offer a robust array of services specifically for landlords, and we're really excited to be partnering with him."

ClearNow (www.ClearNow.com) enables owners to collect rent automatically from their residents. With ClearNow, landlords save time, reduce the chance for late payments, and offer increased resident convenience. ClearNow automatically debits resident rents on a specific day each month and correspondingly credits these rents to the owner's checking account.

Jeffrey Taylor, founder of MrLandlord.com, is excited about the new alliance with ClearNow: "The mission of MrLandlord.com is to provide rental owners with all the keys needed for landlording success, and ClearNow has a proven track record of helping landlords nationwide succeed monthly in collecting rents on time, every time."

As the number one site for rental owners, MrLandlord.com (www.MrLandlord.com) enables landlords to access answers to their management questions and be connected to every resource and service that is needed for success with rental property management. In addition to its various services and tips, MrLandlord.com publishes a newsletter and schedules seminars for property owners to hear first-hand lessons learned and tips for success.

For more information on ClearNow, please contact:
Ryowon Kim
Tel: (919) 680-4500

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