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ClearNow to Email Payment Receipts

Durham, NC – In response to customer requests, ClearNow (http://www.ClearNow.com) will send payment receipts to tenants, buyers, condo owners, and homeowners by email to let them know their payment has been processed.

"Many of our customers have requested that we send receipts of payments processed to aid in communication and record keeping between landlord and tenants, sellers an buyers, condo associations and condo owners, and HOAs and homeowners,"explains Justin Yung, a Vice President with ClearNow, Inc. "By taking this task off of the "To Do" lists of landlords/property managers, sellers, condo associations, and HOAs, we can help them focus on other tasks to run an efficient operation while they can rely on ClearnNow's online payment service for collections."

ClearNow is a very low-cost and easy solution for collecting and making payments online. Unlike some of its competitors such as eRentPayment, Pay Rent Easy, and National Association of Independent Landlords (NAIL), ClearNow has maintained its flawless BBB rating (no complaints since 2000 inception). Additionally, ClearNow can handle more than just rent payments with its recent ability to handle seller financing payments, condo fees, and HOA dues. ClearNow saves time, reduces the chance for late payments, and offers exceptional convenience.

To learn more, visit www.ClearNow.com.

For more information on ClearNow, please contact:
Ryowon Kim
Tel: (919) 680-4500

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