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ClearNow Improves Reporting Capability

Durham, NC, December 30, 2005 - ClearNow, Inc., the leader in easy-to-use electronic rent payments, recently improved its reporting capability.

ClearNow Inc's flagship service, ClearNow, enables property managers and landlords to collect rent electronically from tenants. Rent is automatically withdrawn from tenant bank accounts and directly deposited to the property's bank account.

ClearNow maintains the tenant payment history for its customers. To make printing and saving of the reports easy, it is now possible to generate reports as PDF files. "Many tenants like to have a record of their rent payments via ClearNow," said Justin Yung, Vice President of ClearNow Inc. "The new report will be especially helpful for tenants who are on a lease-to-own, lease-option, or lease-purchase arrangement and need to provide the lender with a professional-looking rent payment history."

With ClearNow, property managers and landlords save time, reduce the chance for late payments, and eliminate trips to the bank. To learn more, visit www.ClearNow.com.

For more information on ClearNow, please contact:
Ryowon Kim
Tel: (919) 680-4500

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