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RentalIncomeExpense.com - Free and Easy Rental Income And Expense Tracking

Durham, NC – As the leader in online services for landlords, ClearNow is introducing its latest offering, RentalIncomeExpense.com - a free and easy rental income and expense tracking tool for landlords.

Sixteen years ago, ClearNow launched its core service of easy-to-use, inexpensive online rent collection. Today, thousands of landlords and property managers use ClearNow's core service to put rent collection on auto-pilot. “Over the years, ClearNow has continuously innovated. Our "owner proceeds" capability for property managers continues to be unmatched as the simplest way for property managers to directly deposit collected rents between themselves and their property owners. Then in 2012, ClearNow became the first service that allowed landlords and tenants to furnish rent payment data to the Experian credit bureau. Building on our legacy, we believe RentalIncomeExpense.com will be a critical tool for landlords managing their rental property with ease and at no cost to them,” explains Justin Yung, a Vice President with ClearNow, Inc..

Expensive property management software can be overwhelming for the small landlord and cost more in time and money than it is worth. On the other hand, an Excel spreadsheet is not nearly powerful enough. For example, it cannot easily generate the different reports that a landlord needs.

RentalIncomeExpense.com is the best of all worlds:

  • Simple to setup
  • FREE
  • Designed for landlords
  • Instant reports (profit and loss and the 1040 Schedule E helper)
  • Accessible from smartphones
  • Backed up by ClearNow's proven online infrastructure (since 2000)

ClearNow is a very low-cost and easy solution for tenants to pay rent online and for landlords and property management companies to collect rent online. ClearNow is the solution for landlords and property management companies who want an efficient process for collecting payments and receiving reports of payment activity. To learn more, visit www.ClearNow.com or call ClearNow Customer Support at (919) 680-4500.

For more information on ClearNow, please contact:
Ryowon Kim
Tel: (919) 680-4500

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