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Serving landlords, property managers, and tenants since 2000.

ClearNow is an easy-to-use and reliable (perfect BBB rating) service to collect and pay rent online. Rent is debited from your tenant's bank account and directly deposited to your bank account. As a visitor from None, you will receive
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  • Automating rent payment since 2000 with a perfect BBB rating.
  • Serving landlords and property managers of ALL sizes (1+ units).
  • Rent payment is always directly deposited 3 banking days after the debit day.
  • Knowledgeable phone support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET.
  • Call 919-680-4500 or email
  • Tenants do not need a computer. Rent is paid automatically - nothing to schedule!

Enroll Today so tenants can pay rent online to you! Submit a one-page authorization form with your voided check. Once your account is setup, you can enroll tenants:

Since 2000, ClearNow has enabled thousands of landlords and property managers to collect rents easily and automatically. A map of thousands of ClearNow rent payment customers throughout the US

Each ClearNow account debits on a specific day and credits to a specific bank account. There are no setup fees. ClearNow fees are based on your debit day and are only charged when you attempt to debit a tenant. You have your choice of debit days:

  • For monthly debits on the 1st, 5th, 15th, or 25th: $14.95/month for one debit. Each additional debit is just $2/month.
  • For semimonthly debits (twice a month on the 3rd & 17th): $4/debit.
  • For biweekly debits on every other Tuesday: $4/debit.
As a visitor from None, you will receive
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"I can't believe how easy rent collection with ClearNow is and how I never have to hunt down a tenant for money - it's automatically in my account on the expected date!"

- Lisa G., Patchogue, NY

"Setting up and using their online rent payment service proved to be effortless."

- Stephen C., San Diego, CA

"The e-mail notifications are excellent. Thanks for taking the task of rent collection off my very busy schedule."

- Miguel P., Corpus Christi, TX

"With ClearNow, I don't need to call tenants or drive by their home to pick up rent ... Less stress!"

- Cheryl D., Sullivan, MO

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ClearNow, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Property Management Company in Durham, NC